TruNet AN/PRC-162 (V)1 Networked Communications Ground Radio

Next-generation, multi-channel ground, manpack, software defined radio

TruNet™ AN/PRC-162(V)1 is a two-channel networked communications ground radio offering a rich variety of features. These include multiple waveforms – both narrowband and wideband – high-speed mobile ad hoc networked communications, point-to-point data, voice, next-generation SATCOM and the latest in-theater IP-based waveform communications.

The PRC-162 is part of the TruNet networked communications solution family, which includes airborne and handheld radios, advanced, networking waveforms, apps, ancillaries and services and support.

TruNet is the first solution to ensure secure connectivity between ground and airborne elements across the entire battlespace.


Features & benefits

  • Fully integrated 2 channel radio: -simultaneous operation on both channels, -seamless/integrated cross-banding or retransmission of voice and data 
  • Software Defined Radio: - Banded 30-88, 225-450, 1250-1450, 1755-1850 MHz :- SRW, SINCGARS, DAMA, IW, MUOS, VHF/UHF LOS, HQ I/II 
  • Man portable and vehicular kits available 
  • Embedded GPS 
  • Data interfaces: Ethernet, USB, RS232/RS-422 
  • Output Power / Ch: 20W Peak Power, 50W with Vehicular PA 
  • Power: Hot swappable batteries, 28DC vehicle power
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