With the Collins Aerospace Virtual Avionics FMS Desktop Trainer, you gain the confidence to safely operate in today’s active air-traffic control environment and pre-plan your actual flight. The trainer works to simulate an aircraft system by integrating product code with custom simulations. By re-hosting the actual avionics software in this environment, you get a highly cost-effective training experience that’s identical to the software you’ll use on the aircraft.

This avionics simulation is not only an effective familiarization and training tool, it’s also a valuable addition to your flight bag. By using our virtual avionics on your laptop, you can pre-plan your flight and then download the data into your aircraft’s Collins FMS.

Features & benefits

  • High-fidelity simulation: Because the actual avionics software is re-hosted, the Virtual Avionics Desktop Trainer looks and operates like the real cockpit.
  • Provides virtual Control Display Unit and Multifunction Display formats as well as virtual panels
  • Completely portable via a laptop
  • Practice with new Collins Aerospace avionics at your own pace
  • Offers aircraft-specific products to reduce negative habit formation
  • Ability to update navigation databases with the same subscription you use for the aircraft
  • Allows you to build your flight plan before you get on the aircraft, saving time and money
  • Also available with Collins Integrated Flight Information System sets
  • Available for Pro Line 21™ and Pro Line Fusion®