Collins has a storied history enabling aircrews, operators and maintainers throughout the services to be ready to answer the call of duty and serve their country.

Weapon system trainers, tactics trainers, flight simulators and squadron maintenance trainers are just a quick sampling of Collins’ capabilities.


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We’ve been an integral contractor for training U.S. bomber crews and systems operators to high levels of competency. With the acquisition of NLX, Collins Aerospace can trace its heritage in bomber simulation back to the 1990s, with work on the B-1 and B-52 programs.

Our more than a decade of experience with broad-scope, complex programs – accompanied by our resource and technical expertise – has made us a major simulator and training system integrator. We take pride in also offering specialized strategic-strike expertise.

E-2 C/D

E2C Simulator

For more than a decade, Collins Aerospace has been a simulation and training solutions provider for the E-2 series of aircraft. We offer an effective and affordable integrated training solution that simulates the highest-fidelity battlespace situations encountered during multifaceted mission operations. Our solutions provide realistic and complex C4ISR training to aircrews, system operators and maintainers.

E-6B Weapons System Trainer

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An effective and affordable training solution that simulates airborne command post operations supporting multiple missions.

The E-6B community has both legacy and Block I configured aircraft. Both require mission-critical training. The E-6B weapon system trainer enables training on both configurations with minimum transition (switchover) time between them.

E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar Systems (JSTARS)

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A blended training solution to maximize critical resources.

Our suite of trainers consists of operator workstations, weapon system trainers and navigator training systems, which are maintained by the Contractor Logistics Support Team and updated/enhanced by the Training System Support Center group.

The benefits of aircrew training devices extend from reduced operational cost, increased operational availability of aircraft/aircrew equipment and the preservation and implementation of prudent resourcing. The implementation of multifaceted, holistic and blended training maximizes critical resources such as time, equipment, money and personnel.

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Whether you need a spare to keep your aircraft flying or would like enhanced functionality on an existing product, Collins Aerospace offers extensive parts and repair services to meet your mission requirements and keep your equipment operational. We can provide new or used parts, engineering services or tailored performance based programs to support your mission requirements.

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