SecureOne KOV-74 MILS Network Encryptor Drawer

A 19-inch, rackmounted drawer that features an embedded KOV-74 MILS encryptor. It can simultaneously protect your Top Secret through Unclassified data for data-at-rest and data-in-transit information. The Encryptor Drawer provides encryption, decryption, limited bypass, integrity, authentication, remote cryptographic initialization and over-the-network key management.

SecureOne KOV-74 MILS Tactical Encryptor

Protects multi-classification data with four-channel MILS encryption. With 32 virtual channels across four physically independent red channels, you can process multiple independent channels of high-rate data at rest and data in transit.

SecureOne MILS Network Cross Domain Solution Drawer

An all-way network CDS with 12 channels of bridging capability. Instantly protect your information while allowing the U.S. Department of Defense to disseminate and receive critical operational and intelligence information. Your users can configure data to flow in bidirectional, unidirectional or all ways for each of the 12 channels.

SecureOne MILS Tactical Cross Domain Solution (CDS)

An all-way, five-channel, cross domain data protection. You can configure data flow to bidirectional, unidirectional or all-way for each of the five channels simultaneously between networks of different classification levels, Top Secret through Unclassified.

SecureOne User-defined Cross Domain Guard

An accredited, off-the shelf CDS with a Guard Policy Designer toolset. Manage dataflows entering, exiting or transiting between networks of differing security levels. Security and domain experts can use this toolset to quickly write and update rulesets with no annual fees or maintenance licenses.

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