Our P6CTS solution also guarantees full Air to Air interoperability with the U.S. Navy and maintains existing interoperability with all Coalition partners by utilizing our solutions for F-35, F-15 and F-16 and simultaneous management of both BMW and P5 waveforms. The open systems architecture, software defined system and security infrastructure, and data rights guarantees this P6CTS solution can continue to be enhanced to meet USAF training needs and growth to LVC training.

Features & benefits

Unmatched operational realism

Blending synthetic elements with live participants to realistically simulate high-threat high-density air combat scenarios

  • Finally, real-time training interoperability of key USAF platforms - 5th and 4th gen fighters, heavy platforms, helicopters
  • No more training mission lagging - securely integrate with aircraft data bus interfaces and operational flight programs the same day block upgrade hits the field
  • Full-fidelity classified and unclassified threat and weapon simulations embedded in each platform provides truly unmatched operational realism and eliminates the need for costly platform specific embedded training apps
  • Reconfigurable inflight training for more effective training per platform flight hour (live, synthetic, or guising)
  • P6CTS incorporates advanced systems and algorithms to operate effectively in a GPS degraded or denied environment

Future ready

Not only is P6CTS ready for fielding in 2023, it’s also designed to advance fleet force training as future Operational Training Infrastructure training requirements develop

  • Supports growth to high fidelity, high density, and distributed LVC with four quad core processors, replaceable as performance improves
  • Programmable 1300Mhz-2400Mhz software defined radio (SDR) leverages newly certified SCA 4.1 programmable data-link technologies able to host P5, BMW, 5G-ATW or a future waveform of your choice
  • User configurable MILS security adapts and scales to meet all squadron level and Red Flag training mission needs to provide same day training response to emerging missions and threats via over the air programming of encryption keys, CDS rulesets, datalink operating frequencies, and operating parameters

Key technologies

  • The only fully certified, range proven, Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architecture embedded in both airborne (form factors to support any platform - 4th/5th gen, pod/internal mount/rack mount) and ground (fixed, transportable) subsystems, allowing for secure real-time tethered and autonomous operations.
  • Open systems architecture incorporating Open Group FACE™ and industry interface standards (HLA, TENA, DIS, Gigabit Ethernet) that lends itself to interfacing with a variety of current and future debrief and live monitoring systems.
  • Fully hosted Next Generation Threat System (NGTS) providing hundreds of user selectable synthetic models of threat and friendly aircraft, ground units, ships and submarines, associated weapons, sensors, and subsystems.
  • NSA accredited and incorporates latest Cyber Security (RMF) Standards which includes a 32 channel MILS encryptor and 48 channel MILS CDS guard that is “Raise the Bar” compliant.
  • GPS denied accuracy during jamming with anti-spoof SAASM GPS receiver upgradeable to M-Code.
  • Collins Aerospace and DRS both use modular manufacturing facilities to meet production output requirements as the user and schedule needs. This means that we have the capacity to manufacture these capabilities into 1000 external subsystems, 1,800 internal mount subsystems, and 55 ground systems over a 36 month period - all while still meeting our NAVAIR TCTS Inc II production capacity requirements.