As an operator or maintainer, you need technical information to support your Collins Aerospace products and systems. This information ranges from traditional technical publications to electronically delivered information.

Working together with your team, we go beyond the delivery of technical information into the development and management of information, including storage, reporting, distribution and updating of data. The benefit is real-time, accurate, up-to-date information when you need it to maximize your operational effectiveness.

You can search for technical publications using the global search box in the upper right corner of any page. Just type a keyword or phrase to begin. If necessary, from the search results page click the Pubs and Training tab. From there, you can sort results, and you c an also perform an advanced search to limit results to pubs of a specific type or to search on multiple pieces of data.

Guest users can search for publications, but if you have an account with Collins, we encourage you to log in so that you can download publications for which you are on distribution.

Authorized users of the technical publications index can also view all of their pubs on our dashboard. Just log in, then move your mouse over the My Account menu button and choose Dashboard.

If you wish, you can continue to access the legacy system.

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