GS111R state estimation software uses high-integrity algorithms from our commercial primary AHRS products, which ensure that flight critical states, such as pitch, roll, vertical speed, and altitude remain accurate regardless of aiding sensor errors. GS111R comes with an optional internal multi-constellation/multi-frequency GNSS receiver, which provides dual-antenna heading and moving base RTK capabilities. The unit can also interface with a range of external GNSS and GPS only receivers, as well as other peripherals.

When used as a UAS autopilot, GS111R hosts proven Collins autoflight software and relies on sophisticated design and simulation tools. Our autopilot software reapplication process has been proven on a wide range of aircraft, from tactical maritime drones to tailsitters with ducted fans and free wings.

When you need a trusted autopilot or a primary sensor suite for your UAS, GS111R from Collins Aerospace is a reliable choice.