December 31, 2019 - A small team of Collins Aerospace employees within our Ejection Seats & Propulsion business in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was honored recently for designing an innovative seat retrofit kit and qualifying it to meet the latest U.S. Air Force airworthiness requirements.

The team’s performance on the B-2 ACES II® Safety and Sustainment Improvement Program (SSIP) is what prompted the Wright Brothers Survival and Flight Equipment (SAFE) Association Chapter in Dayton, Ohio, to honor the team with its SAFE Team Achievement Award for 2019.

The award is given annually to a team that has demonstrated the highest standard of program execution associated with the implementation and fielding of a major safety advancement.

According to Fred Nguyenloc, who led program development and qualification, “We successfully completed fit checks on the B-2 bomber, qualified it and are preparing to deliver the first units, and we were successful because of the team’s dedication over the last three years.”

While logistics and provisioning support is ongoing, the team completed the four major milestone reviews earlier this year - system verification review, functional configuration audit, production readiness review and physical configuration audit.