Collins Aerospace's suite of Troposcatter beyond-line-of-sight communications solutions create secure, reliable wireless data networks with 100Mbps data transmission speeds almost anywhere in the world, regardless of terrain or operational conditions.

Troposcatter: WiFi From The Sky

Troposcatter (short for tropospheric scatter) technology uses particles that make up the Earth's atmosphere as a reflector for microwave radio signals. Those signals are aimed just above the horizon in the direction of a receiver station. As they pass through the troposphere, some of the energy is scattered back toward the Earth, allowing the receiver station to pick up the signal.

We've applied Collins' 40-plus years of radio and satellite communication experience while continually developing our Troposcatter products, increasing data transmission speeds from 1Mbps in the 70s to 100Mbps in our latest offerings – the fastest transmission speed in the industry. In addition to blazing-fast performance, our products bring unparalleled range, stability, security, transportability and ease-of-use to BLOS-T (C-band,) TELOS (Ku-band,) DART-T and fixed applications.

The Collins Aerospace Troposcatter product family includes:

  • RTM-100: Troposcatter Modem
  • BLOS-T: Beyond Line of Sight – Troposcatter Communications
  • TELOS: Tactical Extension of Line-of-Sight
  • DART-T: Dual-Mode All-Band Relocatable-Communications Transport Terminal

Collins Aerospace Troposcatter communications solutions are ideal for first response and restoring emergency communications, major command centers, mobile command posts, offshore communication links, primary communications infrastructure and other mobile and fixed uses.