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Benefits of our service and support solutions

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Guaranteed performance and prioritization to ensure asset availability, keeping your flights and passengers on schedule
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Increase reliability by as much as 40% - all units to the latest specifications and reliability standards, resulting in fewer removals
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Direct communication and simple contracts without hidden fees to maximize efficiency and performance
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Predictable cost based on flight hours, invoiced monthly for reduced administrative burden
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OEM technical expertise and industry-leading customer support minimizes risk and cost of ownership


Tailored solutions to support your unique requirements, configurations and evolving fleet

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Maximize efficiency and value

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Known repair provider and trusted quality

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Direct access, communication and lower costs

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Shorter turnaround time

What our customers are saying

“We have a pool contract, home-base kit contract and some repairs with them. The communication is excellent. We’re always informed, and they support us in our critical and AOG requirements without any problems.”

“Reliable and transparent.”

“Very good at helping us solve problems.”

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