We all like to follow the most efficient route when we travel, and we have wayfinding applications to help us find it. When there’s an obstacle on the horizon, those applications notify us and give us options for another way forward. The Collins Aerospace FPO solution, coming later this year, will work the same way for commercial aviation. It’s designed to find the best route – the safest, most cost-effective and fuel-efficient way – to deliver passengers from their point of departure to their destination.

Enabling a connected ecosystem

As part of the Collins Connected Ecosystem, FPO will be housed within our FlightHub™ application. FlightHub aggregates multiple data sources and places the important flight documents pilots need into one, electronic “folder” for fast, easy access. As a key feature of FlightHub, FPO will deliver routing information to pilots in a user-friendly, GUI-based interface – where and when they need it. FlightHub with FPO will work seamlessly with other Collins systems, or its hardware-agnostic design will enable it to be integrated with third-party systems.

Data that drives collaboration

Air traffic dispatch

By accessing data that tracks everything from weather to aircraft traffic and airport congestion, FPO will calculate the effect these variables may have on flight operations – not just at the beginning of a flight, but throughout the duration. The application will then present flight-path alternatives, for both lateral and vertical optimizations in multiple settings, to decision-makers on the ground and in the cockpit.

With its ground-based data feed and communications architecture, plus cyber-secure IP connectivity, FPO widens the circle of informed, collaborative decision-making – from the flight deck to dispatch and back to the airline and airport operators.

A more sustainable path

An airplane flying above a forest

Choosing the right flight path, one that circumvents inclement weather that could cause turbulence or delay departure and arrival times, creates a smoother, door-to-door passenger experience – while also creating operational efficiencies. Optimized flight paths frequently require less fuel which, in turn, lowers costs for airlines and reduces environmental impact for the industry.

Collins Aerospace is committed to finding the best way forward – for the passenger, for our customers and for the health of the planet. By making it easier for decision-makers to do their jobs, our FPO solution, as part of our FlightHub portfolio and Connected Ecosystem, is helping us turn that commitment to action.

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