Offering improved head-up guidance and enhanced vision systems, predictive weather alerts and overlays, as well as new traffic insights and mapping functionality, these advancements are designed to increase the capability of crucial flight operations.

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Key upgrade options

  • Combined Vision System (CVS)
  • Predictive wind shear
  • Vertical weather
  • SXM weather
  • Cockpit Display of TIS-B Traffic (CDTI)
  • Airport Moving Map (AMM)

Vision Systems Upgrade

View through vision system

Bringing together the high-resolution, database-generated image of the landscape from the Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and the high-performance, real-time Enhanced Vision System (EVS) image of the landscape, the Combined Vision System (CVS) creates an optimized image – without the workload of manual adjustments – presenting the most pertinent information to the pilots on the HUD and PFDs. This allows the pilots to perform at their best with maximum situational awareness and visual advantage in the most critical phases of flight.

Weather service upgrade options

Aircraft weather radar

Predictive wind shear

By providing advanced warnings of potential wind shear conditions, this upgrade alerts the pilot to take appropriate actions to help mitigate the effects of wind shear. During takeoff, landing, or low-altitude stages of the flight, the pilot may rely on this guidance and early warning to avoid hazardous conditions.

Vertical weather

Providing crucial insights into atmospheric conditions that can significantly alter an aircraft’s performance, this upgrade helps the pilot assess the presence and characteristics of cloud layers and precipitation. This helps the pilot make informed decisions regarding potential icing conditions, severity of thunderstorms and heavy winds, proactively, allowing the pilot to make navigational route changes well ahead of the storm.

SXM weather

Offering real-time updates by displaying comprehensive weather data, this latest receiver from SXM provides satellite-delivered weather from take-off to landing. With no altitude or line-of-sight restrictions, the SXM weather's Cloud-to-Cloud lightning detection and Coast-to-Coast composite radar systems can arm the pilot with up-to-date and accurate information to deploy optimal decision-making.

Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI)

Aligning with the NextGen Airspace transformation, this upgrade offers ADS-B (TIS-B) traffic information onto the forward-facing displays. Providing a clear and intuitive display of nearby traffic, CDTI reduces the pilot workload by eliminating the need for constant scanning and reliance on voice communication. Pilots can quickly interpret this traffic information in their vicinity and shift their focus back to other critical tasks.

Cockpit display

Airport Moving Map (AMM)

Offering a synthetic taxi mode view on the forward display, AMM supports the operational efficiency of the pilot by providing essential airport information, such as runway markings, hot spots and other taxiway information. Pilots can easily identify and adhere to holding positions and designated taxi routes, improving safe operations, even at complex airports.

Airport moving map

Providing proactive flight information can help provide a safe, seamless flight experience for both the crew and passengers. By ensuring your aircraft is equipped with the most sophisticated vision systems and the best environmental data delivered in real time, Collins gives you the information you need for maximum situational awareness – helping with route decision-making, improved taxiing and overall visibility – even in the most challenging conditions.

And as technology advances, we’re here to help you stay up to date by providing easy-to-onboard upgrades as soon as they’re available.

Service bulletins are available through all Bombardier Service Centers.

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