Collins Aerospace's ARINC Airport biometric services deliver next-generation, scalable products and services to create flexibility and efficiency across the entire airport environment while validating the identity of passengers at every point on their journey.

With fully-integrated, seamless airport systems, we offer our customers the opportunity to gain a comprehensive view of operations, while simultaneously maintaining security and delivering an enhanced passenger experience.

ARINC SelfPass™ - single-token passenger flow throughout the airport

As the aviation industry continues to grow the world over and airports face the challenges of more and more traffic, the passenger's expectation for a seamless journey through the terminal is only increasing. Collins Aerospace delivers the next-generation solutions that are making it happen.

Our ARINC SelfPass biometrics technology provides walking-pace identity management from the curb to the gate. Airports can deploy the standalone self-service solutions at any touchpoint in minutes.

Boarding solutions for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

ARINC SelfPass is designed to support the U.S. CBP mandate to expedite entry-exit tracking at both automated and manned boarding gates. Passengers simply approach the gate where their facial image is captured and the required checks and matching are completed in seconds.

Travelers enroll into the CBP system as part of their standard immigration processes or as part of an application for a document such as a passport. Airlines send advanced passenger information (API) to the CBP for each departing flight. That information is collected to create a photo gallery of expected passengers for that flight. Connecting the API data and the biometric information allows the opening and closing of gates against a specific flight number — allowing only passengers for that flight through.

Creating consistent flow with Biometrics

Biometric facial identification technology enables passengers to flow seamlessly through airport touchpoints that are susceptible to long queues. After passenger identify is verified at their first touchpoint, their travel documents no longer need to be presented - their face has become their boarding pass. The passenger is happier, security is strengthened and operations are more cost-effective throughout the terminal.

ARINC SelfPass technology easily integrates with existing systems at each stage:

  • Check-in
  • Bag-drop
  • Security screening
  • Duty free
  • Airline lounge
  • Border control
  • Self-service boarding gate
  • Destination immigration