International Trip Support

Experience the international difference

In today’s global economy, the need to travel to unfamiliar countries and airports creates an added set of pressures for the entire flight department. With nearly 40 years of experience providing extraordinary service around the globe, our trusted international support team can help you meet and exceed your passenger’s expectations.

We are a full-service provider offering optimized custom flight plans, fuel and handling arrangements, a certified in-house travel agency, a global airport service provider network, regulatory solutions, dedicated teams focused on customer support and over 35 staff meteorologists.

Easily check weather and fuel prices along your route, confirm visa and passport requirements, arrange handling and permits, obtain TSA waivers and submit APIS information, arrange for aircraft and passenger security at practically any destination around the world, and create a detailed quote for the entire trip, including any special fees.

Our fully integrated system enables you to submit international trip requests directly from your ARINCDirectSM Flight Operations System (FOS®). Monitor the status of those requests and aggregate all trip expenses. From overflight permits to ground transportation, we can seamlessly manage your international trip requirements.


Specifically designed for business aviation, the ARINCDirectSM Fuel and Services card supports the credit and purchasing needs of aircraft operators worldwide. It’s available to private and corporate aircraft operators for the purchase of aviation-related goods and services, such as ground handling, airport fees, navigation fees and contract fuel.

Pre-trip consultation

  • Integration with ARINCDirect FOS scheduling software
  • Ground handling arrangements – customs, aircraft parking, hotel, transportation and catering
  • Landing/overflight permits
  • APIS submissions and TSA waivers
  • Flight planning services
  • Weather resources – consult with our meteorologists, text weather, including weather outlooks and passenger-focused forecasts; graphical weather charts, including flight-level winds and significant weather; radar and satellite images

In-flight services

  • NOTAM and weather monitoring
  • En route updates via data link
  • Delay notification and mitigation
  • Integration with ARINCDirect app enables seamless planning
  • Dedicated flight following
  • Team of 24/7 meteorologists

Post-flight support

  • Post-flight consultations 
  • Feedback requests are sent to crew and responses are analyzed by management team
  • Simplified billing from a single source
  • Invoices and statements are available on Flight Manager and can be integrated with ARINCDirect FOS

ARINCDirect Flight Manager

Collins Aerospace’s ARINCDirect Flight Manager brings together many features and capabilities into one online location for all of your pre- and post-trip international planning needs. Working seamlessly with your dispatch and scheduling software, ARINCDirect Flight Manager gives planners, dispatchers and flight crews up-to-the-minute information on everything that will affect a flight anywhere in the world. Storms over the North Sea. Fuel shortages in Peru. ATC strikes in France. Runway closures in the United States. The information you need is all available to you, right now, with ARINCDirect Flight Manager.
  • Trip tracking through several formats – calendar view, folder view, global view and advanced search features
  • Instant access to status of trip permits, handling notes, fuel releases, hotel confirmations, weather and flight plans
  • Carbon emissions monitoring and tracking
  • Fuel pricing by location and online fuel ordering
  • Easy access to ARINCDirect card statements, invoices and budget reports
  • Aviation tools that include airport locator, time and distance calculator, alternate airports and Fuel Stop Analyzer
  • Database of travelers, documents and flight histories
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