Capable of receiving existing operational GPS signals along with the newer M-Code signal, the Collins Aerospace Miniature PLGR Engine – M-Code (MPE-M) receiver delivers geolocation and precise positioning capabilities for space-constrained applications while providing increased security and anti-jam capabilities. The MPE-M is size-compatible with the MPE-S receiver, while offering a new security architecture for enhanced integrity, exclusivity and resiliency.

At its core, the MPE-M contains the required SAASM functionality while providing increased mission effectiveness and safety enabled through operation with the M-Code signal.

Features & benefits

Capabilities of the next-generation GPS YMCA ASIC developed by MGUE

  • Advanced correlator engine for accelerated Direct-Y and Direct-M code acquisitions
  • Next-generation modernized security architecture
  • Unclassified-when-keyed operation
  • Black key capabilities include Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) when available from GPS satellites
  • Operations in a mixed Y-Code and M-Code constellation
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