High Probability of Intercept Receivers

Fast and precise

Rapid detection of high priority RF threats is critical for tactical missions. A high probability of intercept (HPOI) receiver enhances the detection capability of an EW system, shortening the response timeline. Collins Aerospace HPOI receivers are used as a component of SIGINT and EW systems. They can also be used standalone for spectrum and signal monitoring and analysis.

IFMR-6070 instantaneous frequency measurement receiver

Collins Aerospace’s IFMR-6070 IFM receiver is a wideband instantaneous frequency measurement (IFM) receiver and signal processor that receives radar signals across the entire 0.5 to 18 GHz spectrum, resulting in a very high probability of signal detection. Our IFMR-6070 can be used as an HPOI component in SIGINT and EW systems or as a standalone receiver for signal monitoring and analysis.

PRISM-6090 precision intercept spectral monitoring system

Our PRISM-6090 is a high-performance spectral monitoring system that covers a frequency range from 0.5 to 18 GHz with optional coverage to 40 GHz. The wide instantaneous bandwidth, fully digital receiver and ultra-high-speed sweep speed provides the sensitivity and frequency resolution of a digital receiver with the probability of intercept of a staring receiver. It is ideal for spectral monitoring and as a high probability of intercept (HPOI) receiver for rapid intercept and detection of high priority threats.

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