FlightSense offers full life-cycle support for reliable, cost-effective and intelligent service. Backed by a team of nearly 10,000 dedicated professionals, available around the clock and around the world.

An intelligent service offering

FlightSense uses predictive, actionable data and lets you consume service in a way that works for you – based on the risk you want to take on and the support you need. Its intelligence is amplified by our advanced prognostics and health management (PHM) software, Ascentia®. Our deep systems expertise runs all through both FlightSense and Ascentia, with a dedicated team of professionals to ensure your fleets get the support they need, whenever and wherever they need it.


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Ascentia is our powerful Aircraft Health Management platform that uses visualization tools to provide actionable information to enable strategic service decisions. Ascentia analyzes three key inputs to help improve reliability:

  • Physics-based data
  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine learning

We share a common goal: getting your passengers where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Ascentia Analytics Services

Intelligent Aircraft Ecosystem

FlightSense and Ascentia are part of a larger ecosystem that includes InteliSight™, our suite of aircraft data management technologies. Combining the right mix of parts, systems and people enables us to offer you the smartest, most effective data-driven services possible.

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Delays, cancellations and unscheduled events initiate an undesirable domino effect of increased costs and inconvenienced passengers. FlightSense provides the reliability, availability and flexibility to keep your flights and passengers on schedule – no matter the size or maturity of your fleet. FlightSense is: Creating more intelligent aircraft. Powering more intelligent action. Building more intelligent relationships. All powered by Ascentia.

FlightSense: Flexing to Fit Your Fleet

FlightSense is a simplified offering designed to maximize value and allow you to customize the depth of support you need. Regardless of the repair or asset service you select, you get the right value at the right price.

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Service Levels at a Glance

Intelligent solutions are included with Ascentia at every level of support, in addition to our comprehensive network of skilled professionals.

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Measurable Advantage

Ascentia has proven its value for our customers.

Flightsense percent specs

¹Related to Collins Aerospace components: 30% decrease in potential delays and cancellations related to components and systems monitored on the Boeing 787 fleet. ²Related to Collins Aerospace components: 20% decrease in unscheduled removals for various components on the Boeing 777 fleet.

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Ascentia Analytics Services

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With Collins Ascentia® analytics services, your airline operations can take advantage of our unique OEM systems expertise and data intelligence, so you can make informed, strategic maintenance decisions.

Ascentia Analytics Services