Your entire day at your fingertips

Introducing InteliSight™ Electronic Flight Folder, which connects you to the aircraft through Collins Aerospace Tablet Interface Module (TIM®) and Aircraft Interface Device (AID), enabling improvements in operational efficiency by integrating flight planning, avionics data, flight performance tracking and weather data with real-time updates and notifications.

Plan ahead

Provides daily itinerary and flight plans for flight crews, including notifications of flight plan updates

Keep crews informed

Operational flight plans uploaded to server and delivered electronically in application


Ability to view Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) along the planned routes for the day



Intuitive waypoint card view

Connects the user to the aircraft via the Tablet Interface Module (TIM) and Aircraft Interface Device (AID) architecture

Navigation optimization

Fuel and time planned versus actuals tracking for real-time navigation optimization

Supports split screen

Integration and split-screen capability with third party navigation charts

Track flight performance

Post-flight performance summary with optional user input to enrich flight reports

Simplified reporting

Post-flight reports made easy with electronic approval

Maintenance notifications

Notifies operations center of maintenance actions needed during the next stop, allowing pre-positioning of assets



How it works

Aircraft Interface Device (AID)

Concentrates and analyzes aircraft data from multiple sources.

Tablet Interface Module (TIM)

Gives tablet access to aircraft data and provides conditioned power.



Data is presented to aircrew in the app, making it usable and accessible.

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