One hand, five seconds – that’s all it takes to don our Sweep-On® Fullface™ oxygen mask. Pilots have a complex and challenging job with a need to react fast and have instant access to the right equipment at the right time. That’s why Collins Aerospace designed the Fullface mask for superior performance, comfort and safety.
SweepOn® Fullface™ Oxygen Mask and storage container

Comfortable, safe, flexible

A soft silicone face seal provides superior sealing over a variety of facial shapes and sizes. The flexible lens fits comfortably over eyeglasses and offers the largest field of view of any full face mask.
SweepOn® Fullface™ Oxygen Mask regulator mode

Regulator mode

Our full face mask features a demand regulator that operates in three modes – NORM, 100% and EMER – with a single knob. In NORM (normal/diluter) mode, the regulator provides supplemental oxygen based on cabin altitude.
SweepOn® Fullface™ Stowage Options

Stowage systems

A variety of easy-to-use stowage containers provides added safety. Additionally, the system enables pilots to perform pre-flight testing to verify the integrity of the regulator and microphone without having to remove the mask from its stowage position.