Izon™ Connected Platform

Redefining business aviation at Collins Aerospace

A new experience takes flight

The premise is simple: The information you need, when you need it—no matter where you are. Whether you’re a pilot, scheduler or director of maintenance, Izon™ is your single source for smart, connected data.

The Izon vision is to bring your essential business aviation apps together in one place and make them easily accessible. It’s designed to share information among connected apps, eliminating the need to re-enter data, with an intuitive interface to streamline your workflow—so you can do what you need to do more efficiently. And because Izon is mobile-friendly you can work from virtually any device that has an internet connection – anytime, anywhere.

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Phase One: Liftoff – The journey begins

Through Izon, you can access many of the tools you’ve come to depend on from Collins Aerospace, including our ARINCDirect Flight Planning application, Fleet Status and new Flight Debrief safety management system.

This is just the start of what Izon will deliver for your flight department. Future releases will introduce additional tools and personalization to further streamline your experience.

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New in Izon

Izon dashboard

The backbone of the new Collins business aviation digital experience, the Izon dashboard will continue to expand as additional integrated solutions are brought online.

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Business aviation hub

Izon creates a connected, integrated business aviation hub, offering the simplicity of a central location to access your most important apps.

Modern look and feel

Izon is built for mobile, tablet and desktop accessibility and offers a rapid-access toolbar for frequently used applications, creating an intuitive user experience on all devices.

Streamlined access

You can access all of your current products, and then some, from Izon. Creating a single login to consolidate legacy accounts, you can begin to enjoy the streamlined – but, robust – functionality.

Use Izon to access these applications and more:

ARINCDirect Flight Planning

Efficient flight planning requires the ability to view intel across multiple systems. Our flight planning solution uses third-party integration to present a complete picture. In addition to auto-generated routes that factor in probabilistic data such as airspace restrictions, active NOTAMs and published AIP routing around the world, operators have access to a host of integrated features such as our FAA Privacy ICAO Address program, digital world aeronautical charts and interactive flight weather tools such as satellite radar and hazard monitoring. We also offer unified flight safety features including automated weight and balance along with aircraft performance calculations and Polaris Aero FlightRisk.

Izon Fleet Status

Accessed through the Operator Portal

Passengers expect seamless connectivity while in flight. The new Fleet Status app provides increased operational awareness and flight tracking and enhanced alerting functionality, enabling operators to make better-informed decisions and minimize disruption. Features include the ability to monitor the health of data center traffic in real time, check on the connectivity status of each aircraft, view aircraft location and route plans on detailed aviation maps, and receive notifications if events that may disrupt connectivity are likely to occur on the mapped route. With the ability to proactively reroute, operators can ensure passengers are able to maximize their productivity.

Izon Flight Debrief

Accessed through the Operator Portal

Operators strive for a healthy safety culture. Flight Debrief, the only safety management system that is compatible with GE Aviation’s C-FOQA Centerline™ program, puts post-flight data directly in the hands of the flight crew to help standardize debriefings and allow for safety risk and performance assessments. Through the app, crews can review key performance metrics after flight completion and access analyses if normal parameters were exceeded during the flight.
Map of a weather system over Texas

AviationSentry, powered by DTN

AviationSentry is embedded in ARINCDirect Flight Planning and can also be accessed directly from the application toolbar. Operators can better manage weather risk with advanced aviation weather analytics to allow for better informed go/no-go decisions. Analytic tools include: complete weather impact visualization, real-time conditions and updates, forecasts up to 10 days out, adaptive scheduling and multi-level altitude forecasts.

Phase Two: Ascent – Coming soon

Throughout 2022, platform enhancements will provide increased functionality, including the introduction of new flight planning and scheduling capabilities.

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Complete integration

With the full integration of all legacy apps including FOS, operators will enjoy complete data connectivity for all Collins business aviation solutions.

Dashboard customization

Set your preferences to customize your experience, enabling you to take a “big picture” view of your operations or narrow your focus to the task at hand.

Billing and invoice management

Automated and self-service tool options available for you to manage your own account, sign up or renew subscriptions, and manage your invoices.