Business aviation operators who use Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect flight planning services have on-demand access to FAA-certified aircraft dispatchers and air traffic specialists. Always ready to help support the unique mission profile of corporate flight departments around the world, ARINCDirect flight coordinators can be reached by phone, email, message and even aircraft data link.

Through daily coordination with Air Traffic Control (ATC) authorities around the world, Collins Aerospace is helping more than 4,500 private and government aircraft stay in motion, even when air traffic flow management initiatives cause frustrating departure delays. This level of support offers the kind of value that an Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) enables for commercial airlines, and it comes standard with any ARINCDirect flight planning subscription.

Air traffic management expertise

Did you know that on average, ARINCDirect files more than 3,000 business aviation flight plans every single day? That is more daily flight plans filed than some well known commercial airlines. It is also a sizable number of flights that Air Service Navigation Providers (ANSP) around the world must safely and efficiently manage. This is why Collins Aerospace staffs its 24/7/365 flight operations center with air traffic specialists. By actively participating in official government lead ATM programs, Collins is able to help its flight planning subscribers and air traffic control authorities operate more efficiently.

  • FAA Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) member
  • Euro-Control Daily Network Plan participant
  • FAA Plan, Execute, Review, Train and Improve (PERTI) contributor
  • ATCSCC Tactical Customer Advocate (TCA) representative
  • NBAA Air Traffic Services partner

Certified aircraft dispatchers

When you contact the ARINCDirect flight operations center as a flight planning subscriber, you are connecting with expert support similar to that of an airline dispatch center. That’s because every flight coordinator is an FAA certified Part 121 flight dispatcher with the training, experience and resources needed to help business aviation operators keep their fleet in motion.

  • Flight planning, filing and trip adjustment support
  • Flow control and ground delay assistance
  • Weather information and forecast briefs
  • Operations, crew and ground messaging liaison
  • Available via phone, email, message and data-link

FAA Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) member

Collins Aerospace is an active member of the FAA Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) program, a joint government/industry initiative to help improve air traffic flow management through information exchange across aviation community stakeholders.

  • Participation in Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) daily telecon
  • Collaboration with government, general aviation, airlines, private industry and academia
  • ARINCDirect flight planning subscribers Tactical Customer Advocate (TCA)
  • Early-intent filing data to aid Traffic Flow Management (TFM) initiatives

Experienced traffic flow management support

Collins Aerospace has access to planned and real-time information on ground delay programs, miles-in-trail restrictions and airspace flow programs. So when traffic flow management initiatives are scheduled or occur, flight coordinators and air traffic specialists at the ARINCDirect 24/7/365 flight operations center use specialized tools and techniques to help flight planning subscribers avoid or respond to issued Estimated Departure Clearance Time (EDCT) and Calculated Take-Off Time (CTOT) assignments.

  • Proactive EDCT and CTOT notifications
  • Fast access to TFM plan and ATC preferred routing
  • Flight coordinator route and P-Time assessment
  • Expert EDCT and CTOT resolution recommendations
  • Expedited flight plan adjustments and refile
  • FAA Tactical Customer Advocate (TCA)