Munich Airport control tower


As modern travel evolves, passengers expect a faster, easier and more seamless experience, and airports must adapt, innovate and develop strategies to meet the needs of increased passenger growth. Collins Aerospace offers integrated and intelligent solutions for passenger processing and facilitation, airport operations and baggage management. Our self-service solutions help create a seamless travel experience for a high volume of passengers. We provide airports around the globe the solutions needed to improve operational efficiency and enhance the passenger experience.

Passenger processing solutions

Mobile and cloud-based solutions to keep people moving.

  • Common Use Check-in
  • Self Service Kiosks and Bag Drop
  • Off site check-in and processing
  • Border Management

Passenger facilitation solutions

Solutions that create a seamless and secure passenger experience in the airport.

  • Passenger Verification
  • Biometric Identity Management

Airport operations solutions

Solutions for optimizing your operations, improving efficiency, reducing costs and creating a safe and friendly customer environment.

  • Resource Management
  • Turnaround Management
  • Airport Database
  • FIDS
  • Airport Security
  • Managed IT Services

Baggage systems

Baggage solutions for every passenger touchpoint - offsite, curbside, at the counter and at the kiosk.

  • Baggage Management and Reconciliation
  • Off Site Processing
  • Self-Service Bag Drop
  • Baggage Messaging


Information security that protects your passengers and enables continuity of operations.

  • Cybersecurity assessment
  • Planning and management
Airport terminal

Systems integration

Expertise and industry knowledge to smoothly integrate a diverse set of information, communications and other systems. 

  • Master Systems Integrators
  • Specify
  • Install
  • Integrate

Cloud solutions

Collins Aerospace cloud technology enables airlines and airports to deploy systems far more rapidly than ever before. We offer solutions for those with or without dedicated core rooms. We will work with you to implement a fully scalable and flexible solution to fit your IT infrastructure and meet your operational needs for today and the future.

  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Common use
  • Integrated Cloud IT Systems

Self-service solutions

With over 80% of passengers checking in away from traditional dedicated airport workstations, self service and common-use systems are dominating the way people travel. Whether it's on-site common-use kiosks, through dedicated hotel systems, at rental car agencies, convention centers, cruise ships or even over the Internet, travelers are enjoying more self-serve options. All of our solutions can be easily integrated with full biometric validation and enrollment for enhanced security and seamless, single-token passage through the airport.

  • Multiple touch points
  • Single-token passenger flow
  • Self Check-in
  • Self Bag Drop
Biometric facial recognition showing 4 key areas of ARINC SelfPass process through the airport: mobile self-enrollment, passport, boarding pass, and biometric processor

Biometrics solutions

Our biometric services deliver next-generation, scalable products to create flexibility and efficiency across the entire airport environment while validating the identity of passengers at every point on their journey.

  • Single-token identity management
  • Easy integration