These sites are provided for exclusive use by authorized Collins Aerospace employees for purposes related to their employment with Collins. Employees need their credentials and an MFA hard- or soft-token to access Collins Connect.

For users with company-issued devices

Use these instructions to log in to the VPN from your company-issued device. Connecting with AnyConnect is preferred, but Pulse will continue to be supported into 2023.

Cisco AnyConnect Remote Access Instructions (preferred)

Pulse Secure Remote Access Instructions

For users with personal devices

Terminal session (Windows and Mac)

Use these instructions to access a device, such as your work computer, from your personal device. This includes both Windows-based and non-Windows (e.g., Mac) systems.

Pulse Secure Remote Access Instructions

HTML5 session (Mac and other non-Windows devices only)

Pulse secure remote access instructions for personal Macintosh and other non-Windows devices

VPN links

For Windows devices

For non-Windows devices