Redefining air travel for a post-pandemic world

The Airports team at Collins Aerospace is working with industry partners from aviation, technology and healthcare to redefine the possibilities of a healthier and easier travel experience from airport arrival to final destination. Together we will deliver next-generation passenger processing solutions that enable a contactless passenger experience through airports.

We’re working with our customers to deploy solutions that address today’s key problem areas:

  • Contact – minimizing the need to touch check-in kiosks, bag tag kiosks and other airport systems, as well as creating healthier, contactless inflight experiences
  • Interaction – minimizing contact with airport, airline or security personnel
  • Document exchange – eliminating the need to handle and share the exchange of paper documents
  • Airport congestion – improved management of areas where passengers congregate, including check in, security and boarding gates
  • Control - expanding the use of mobile solutions to improve passengers' situational awareness in and around the airport, enabling them to better manage their travel experience.

To learn more, read our white paper or find out about the technologies currently available and how we can work together to restore passenger confidence, or contact us at [email protected].