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Charting the path to a healthier and easier air travel experience – now and in the future

Our promise

As the world navigates new “normals” in social distancing, contactless service and heightened awareness of the health of our surrounding environments, Collins Aerospace is helping the industry we know and love rise to meet the new expectations of our customers, our employees, our communities and our world economies.

Across our company, we’ve been putting Collins Aerospace’s broad and expert talent, knowledge and experience to work – alongside best-in-class partners in aviation, healthcare and technology – to redefine the possibilities of a healthier and easier travel experience from airport arrival to final destination. Together we will uncover a better today and an even better tomorrow for our industry. That’s our promise.

Our path

Healthy air travel starts from the moment you step onto the airport curb, through the boarding and flight experience, and finally to when you step off the curb at your destination airport. It takes a multi-layered approach to ensure a consistently safe and healthy experience during that journey.

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have been conducting studies to uncover the best multi-layered approach to preventing COVID-19 transmission during air travel. Recent findings show that the use of face coverings in combination with diligent cleaning protocols and advanced ventilation and filtration systems on aircraft offer "significant protection against COVID-19 during air travel."

As research continues to show how to travel as safely as possible, and travelers have new expectations and health standards for post-pandemic travel, Collins Aerospace is applying our expertise to help meet those expectations and align our solutions to that research. In fact, our products and services touch nearly every aspect of the passenger journey, giving us a unique understanding of how to connect the dots that help create a healthier and easier experience for air travelers curb to curb.

At the airport

Our team continues to deliver next-generation passenger processing solutions to improve the contactless passenger experience through airports. Our airport biometric technology reduces contact that normally occurs with sharing traveler documents and interacting with public systems. Our self-service kiosks and boarding gates help move passengers through the airport as quickly as possible with minimum contact.

Inside the cabin

From new sanitation measures that we can enable with existing products, to applying our technologies for touchless experiences onboard an aircraft, Collins Aerospace is focused on helping to provide a healthier in-flight experience.

Essential behind-the-scenes systems

We are putting decades of experience in clean air technology to work with innovations in ventilation and sanitation systems. From hospital-grade HEPA filters and high air inflow standards to on-ground, automated air cleaning systems, we have ready-now solutions for even cleaner cabin air.

Continuous advancement in the future of air travel

Collins Aerospace has a legacy of innovation – spanning from communication solutions for the pioneers in aviation in the 1930s to life support solutions for the next generation of space travel. But we didn’t get here alone. It’s through partnerships and collaboration with our customers, our employees and organizations both inside and outside of our industry that have allowed us to help shape and move aerospace forward.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a particularly challenging time, Collins Aerospace is working to help the industry move forward now, as well as look to future innovations in health and ease for air travelers worldwide. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to redefine air travel.

Working together

We're working with organizations across the industry to help instill confidence in travel. Click the logos below to see some of the initiatives going on.

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