Collins Aerospace completes Critical Design Review for key power and controls systems for KF-X/IF-X

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  • Environmental control, engine start and electric power generation systems to help make 4.5-gen fighter reliable, efficient and easy to maintain
  • Platform will be first to host Collins Aerospace’s newest, more electric Variable Speed Constant Frequency generator

SEOUL (Oct. 15, 2019) – Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), today announced it has completed Critical Design Review (CDR) for a number of key power and controls systems for the KF-X/IF-X advanced multirole fighter jet for the Republic of Korea and Indonesian Airforce. CDR represents a significant milestone in the systems’ development marking the completion of detailed design, ensuring readiness for fabrication of system components, followed by test readiness reviews in preparation for qualification testing.

Collins Aerospace is under contract with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to provide the fighter’s complete Environmental Control System (ECS), including air conditioning, bleed air control, cabin pressurization and liquid cooling systems. To help make the ECS easier to install and maintain, Collins Aerospace integrated the air conditioning and liquid cooling systems into a single pack to reduce size and weight. In addition to the ECS, Collins Aerospace is also providing the aircraft’s engine start system components, including the air turbine starter and flow control valve.

The KF-X/IF-X will be the first platform to host Collins Aerospace’s newest, more electric Variable Speed Constant Frequency (VSCF) generator. Designed to achieve an order of magnitude improvement over the industry average in operational reliability, the new generator is more efficient and 10 percent more power dense compared to the company’s existing VSCF generators. The VSCF will be part of the fighter’s Main Electric Power Generation System, which Collins Aerospace is working with KAES Hanwha to design, develop and produce for KAI.

“Collins is honored to work with KAI and KAES Hanwha on the KF-X/IF-X program,” said Tim White, president of Power & Controls. “Our systems are designed to help make this 4.5-gen fighter more electric, more reliable and easy to maintain. We look forward to supporting the KF-X/IF-X program in the years ahead as we continue to deepen our longstanding relationship with KAI.”

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