Paris Airshow debut: Collins Aerospace demonstrates bold steps toward a more intelligent, more connected and more electric future

Interactive graphic of commercial airplane
  • Showcasing solutions across the broadest portfolio in the aerospace and defense industry
  • Interactive displays highlight big-bet investments and advanced technologies across commercial and military platforms

West Palm Beach, Fla. (June 11, 2019) – Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), is set to make its Paris Airshow debut with a comprehensive display of solutions that enable a more intelligent, more connected and more electric aerospace and defense industry.

The systems on exhibit, ranging from nose-to-tail systems for commercial aircraft to advanced networking technologies for the military, are designed to enhance the passenger experience, ensure mission success and provide enhanced value for customers worldwide.

“With more than 70,000 employees, including an engineering workforce of more than 16,000, and the broadest portfolio of industry-leading products and services for aerospace and defense, we’re uniquely positioned to address the changing dynamics in our industry,” said Collins Aerospace CEO Kelly Ortberg. “This includes more intelligent solutions to further reduce pilot workload and help ensure military mission success, more connected solutions to increase airline operational efficiency and make the passenger experience more streamlined and efficient, and more electric systems to shrink aviation’s carbon footprint and support reduction in noise pollution.”

These solutions will be on display at the United Technologies Pavilion (C2 on the static display):

  • Aircraft systems display featuring Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics now on more than 20 commercial and military platforms ranging from light business to commercial air transport aircraft. The cockpit includes touch screen displays, a Head-Up Guidance System, active sidesticks, and sensors and smart probes. In the cabin, the most comfortable and popular main cabin seating will be on display, as well as First Class seating suite. On the wing of the aircraft, visitors can see the latest electric actuators for primary flight control and high-lift systems, advances in high-volume composite manufacturing with shafts, tie rods and struts for weight reduction, and pipes and isolators with tunable electrical resistance for fuel and hydraulic systems.
  • Defense systems display featuring technologies for air, ground and sea that keep defense forces safe, decisively aware and navigating confidently to gain an advantage within the battlespace. Featured solutions include TruNet™ networked communications; advanced reconnaissance sensors; precision targeting tools; the F-35 Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System; lock-ring wheel and carbon brake; NP2000 propeller blade; and the next-generation ACES 5® ejection seat.
  • Nacelle and Engine Systems display including the latest Thrust Reverser Actuation System and Power Door Opening System. With a proven record of delivering advanced technology and premium quality nacelle and engine system products for more than 40-years, Collins Aerospace currently has nacelles on thousands of aircraft spanning seven different platforms and platform derivatives. These systems provide airlines with commonality and intermixability which enables lower provisioning and service cost throughout the life of the program.
  • Interactive demonstration area highlighting Collins Aerospace’s vision for a more intelligent, more connected, and more electric aerospace and defense industry. This area includes; an interactive aircraft highlighting the full breadth of systems that will drive future industry advancements; a review of The Grid, the company’s new $50 million dollar lab dedicated to the future of electric flight; and videos that highlight advancements in intelligent and connected technologies.

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