Collins Aerospace’s Hypergamut™ Lighting System reduces jetlag, intelligently syncs with real-time flight data to optimize performance

HAMBURG, GERMANY (June 14, 2022) – Collins Aerospace launched its Hypergamut™ Lighting System at the Aircraft Interiors Exposition in Hamburg, Germany. The advanced full-cabin lighting system is attuned to human biology to reduce passenger jetlag, color-optimized to improve the appearance of materials, food and fixtures throughout the cabin and autonomized to intelligently sync with real-time flight data to enable predictive and independent functionality. A first of its kind solution for aircraft interiors, the Hypergamut Lighting System is a finalist in the Health and Safety category of the Crystal Cabin Awards and scheduled for entry into service in early 2024.

By increasing the number of colored LEDs used in traditional lighting systems, Hypergamut creates an improved lighting environment that harmonizes with a passenger’s circadian rhythms, helping regulate the body’s release of melatonin so travelers relax and fall asleep easier, even with the lights on. The enriched spectrum of light also helps the body awaken more naturally, minimizing the effects of jetlag upon arrival without altering the color, hue or quality of the light.

“Passengers easily relax in a cabin that feels fresher and is more pleasing to the eye while Hypergamut’s high-efficiency LED system uses less power than legacy lighting systems, improving operational performance for airlines,” said Grant West, vice president of business development for interior products at Collins Aerospace. “Hypergamut will be the industry benchmark for full cabin lighting systems going forward.”

Hypergamut’s advanced intelligent connectivity system syncs with in-flight data generated by the aircraft. The real-time flightpath, timing, weather conditions and global positioning information from the airplane is collected and intelligently interpreted by the lighting system to enable predictive functionality and autonomous operation, reducing flight attendant inputs and workload.

Hypergamut’s proprietary LED solution provides the widest color gamut in the industry, outperforming standard RGB/RGBW systems and enabling a unique passenger experience of saturated colors with a Color Rendering Index performance of >98 out of 100.

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