With the right perspective, we can see past traditional boundaries and uncover new opportunities to make aerospace more sustainable. At Collins Aerospace, that perspective comes from a holistic view of the aircraft and our position as a provider of components across all aspects of flight.

We provide flight control actuation, cockpit controls, cabin pressure and control, electric systems, fire protection, emergency power, cockpit and exterior lighting, wheels and brakes, cargo systems, fuel systems, avionics and air data sensors. We also offer structural components – like our leading-edge nacelles and struts – and cabin and seating technologies for commercial, business and military markets – and the list goes on.

This breadth of technology – amplified by our ongoing investment in advanced engineering design tools and model-based engineering – provides our engineers with a unique view into aircraft system design and its impact on sustainability. A systems perspective allows us to find integration opportunities that simplify a system, eliminate parts, reduce weight, improve efficiency and increase reliability.

Wing innovations

Our teams are developing an all-electric actuator that can enable a more electric, thinner wing design.