Open, networked, intelligent and secure capability to enable the next generation of air dominance

Development of Collins Aerospace next-generation systems for allied fighter aircraft is driven by our expertise and innovation. We develop robust, open and networked systems across our product lines to reduce development, integration and certification cycle times, enabling rapid fielding of crucially needed capabilities.

With our extensive experience in developing and integrating military and commercial cockpits, we closely align our investment and research roadmaps with the evolving needs of 6th generation fighter aircraft operators.

Open systems architecture and approach


We ensure an agile and flexible sixth-generation fighter by building around an open systems architecture and engineering approach. Our solutions enable rapid technology insertions and increased mission flexibility to help outpace evolving enemy threats and ensure sustained air dominance. We also offer other benefits  such as rapid prototyping, autonomy, certification innovation and cost savings.

Collins' cost-effective approach helps protect investments, provide flexibility for mission and operator preference and agility to upgrade to new technologies to stay ahead of our adversaries. We’re committed to designing and evolving open system capabilities in alignment with emerging standards (e.g., OMS, HOST, FACE™, SOSA™) for rapid integration between mission and flight deck systems.

Collins, leading the definition of open systems with extensive expertise, legacy and capability to develop and certify safety critical systems, provides the highest level of design and security assurance while ensuring rapid capability deployment without affecting the aircraft’s Authority to Operate (ATO).

6th gen fighter concept

Defining an OPEN SYSTEMS APPROACH for the Defense Community


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Innovation and advanced fighter capability

Collins can rapidly meet 6th-generation fighter aircraft requirements of size, weight, power, cost and combined effects with our unparalleled portfolio of integrated subsystems, components and technology. We deliver air dominance across domains, enabling advanced human machine interfacing and autonomy, security and safety, situational awareness and mission execution. 

Helmet Mounted Display Systems (HMDS)

  • Integrated digital night vision
  • Proven and mature design
  • Binocular display
  • Multiple lightweight, flexible HMDS offerings
  • Provides enhanced situational awareness and accuracy
Helmet Mounted Display Systems (HMDS)

Mosarc™ (assured networking solutions)

Computerized image of a padlock
  • Decreased integration and certification time
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Cyber hardened network
  • Digital backbone
  • Additional mission flexibility and throughput
Mosarc (assured networking solutions)

Large Area Display (LAD) (MFD-4820)

  • 8" x 20" display featuring multi-touch capability
  • Flexible and configurable designs
  • Reliable and proven, glove compatible, digital resistive multi-touch capability
  • Enables pilots to better access critical flight information and improve situational awareness
Large Area Display (LAD) (MFD-4820)

Adaptive Flight Display (AFD-3200)

  • 9" diagonal AFD enables better viewing and interpretation of data
  • Resistive touchscreen liquid crystal displays with multi-touch support
  • Low risk, mature and certifiable design
  • Impressive SWAP-C and reliability (MTBF >9000 hrs)
  • NVIS compatible
  • Mission critical isolation available using native industry standard ARINC 661 graphics

Mission systems

  • Increased pilot safety delivered through ACES 5® ejection seat
  • Next-generation flight control and vehicle management computing solutions
  • Communication, navigation, and mission-critical sensors and systems
  • Imaging and optronic superiority
  • Integrated training and service solutions
Mission Systems

Air data systems

  • Reduced SWAP-C and simplified design
  • Easily integrated and mounted
  • Improved accuracy
  • Superior performance and operational reliability
Air Data Systems

Fighter expertise and global support

Our extensive fighter operator experience, mission enabling innovation, and legacy in providing advanced fighter aircraft avionics and mission solutions to US and allied militaries make Collins a key partner to ensure the next generation of air dominance. Our focus remains on providing pilots an integrated platform infrastructure and supporting mission and Avionics equipment to dissemination information to the operator and across the battlefield in an open, networked, intelligent and secure way.

Collins also customizes service and sustainment solutions specific to the selected 6th-generation fighter's life cycle needs in multi-domain and geographically dispersed operations. Collins consistently exceeds military customers' expectations by reducing turnaround times, backorders, spares requirements and program costs with tailored solutions that meet current operational and readiness needs.

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