Electrification is the core of sustainable flight

Imagine a future with aircraft that are quieter, engines that improve fuel efficiency and emit less carbon, and components that are easier to maintain. Aircraft electrification makes it all possible.

Collins Aerospace has invested $3 billion in advancing our electric architecture over the last decade – and dedicated > 1,000 engineering resources to developing more electric systems. Add in 70+ years of experience and no one can match our financial commitment and expertise in this space.

Our value

Our unmatched expertise in the generation and management of electrical power is leading an electric evolution in the aviation industry. Today, we’re collaborating with industry partners to drive innovations in hybrid-electric propulsion systems and embracing new possibilities in hydrogen-powered aircraft and sustainable aviation fuels. We know how essential this pursuit is to our future, and we know how important it is to achieve our industry-wide goal of zero emissions.

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Up to 85%

reduction in aircraft noise
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Up to 30%

improvement in fuel consumption
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reduction in carbon emissions
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Up to 20%

reduction in airline operating and maintenance costs

Our solutions

We’re pushing the limits of electrified aircraft technology in all its forms, exploring every path to an electric future to help civil aviation achieve net zero CO2 by 2050.

More electric systems

We’re replacing traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems with more electric systems, enabling more efficient and integrated power solutions.

Hybrid electric propulsion

We’re combining fuel-burning engines with electric motors and batteries, burning less fuel for a positive economic and environmental impact.
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Alternative energy solutions

We’re enabling 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel-ready engines, taking decarbonization to the next level.

Our latest

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