The Collins Aerospace FasTurn™ Cargo System is a convertible cargo handling system for narrow body aircraft. Conversion between bulk-to-containerized and vice versa now takes less than 4 hours with FasTurn. This simple modification to the aircraft provides additional opportunity for more cargo flexibility for your customers.

The FasTurn Cargo System uses bulk system configuration as the fixed installed baseline with a container option installed on top of the system. This allows operators to simply fill a container, then load it, ultimately reducing the unload/load time. The components of the containerized system are combined into a removable kit which are stored and transported in a customized LD3-45 container for easy access.

After the initial install, the system can be easily reconfigured, ensuring flexibility when you need it most. And it can be installed or uninstalled without affecting the overall cargo loading system or aircraft life.

Features & benefits:

  • Quick aircraft configuration for fleet planning
  • Easily manages kit logistics
  • Maximizes asset utilization
  • Flexible short term lease
  • Streamlines lease transfer
  • Weight neutral bulk system configuration
  • Easy to store