A vital part of passenger processing and integral to efficient airport operations, the right baggage handling solutions can make or break the flow of an airport.

Offsite, curbside, at the counter or at the kiosk – no matter how you check in, Collins Aerospace's ARINC baggage solutions lead the way. And our self-tagging and radio-frequency identification (RFID) capabilities allow simple and effective tracking and reconciliation.

Baggage management and reconciliation

Conveyor belt with baggages

With baggage such a big part of airport operations and the passenger experience, an intelligent management and tracking solution is a game changer. From check-in to the aircraft, ARINC SmartBag lets you know exactly where every bag is in real time, utilizing an unlimited number of scan points to provide a clear and continuous big picture of the baggage process.


Baggage messaging

Baggage system

Baggage handling plays a significant role in achieving the most efficient, cost-effective operations. Our BagLink messaging server enables baggage to be sorted and routed remotely. It automatically verifies baggage and its destination using IATA bag identification on the bag tag.


Self-service bag drop

People using self bag drop solution

With the consistent growth of air traffic, airports and airlines are continuously challenged to increase the capacity of terminals while maintaining high passenger satisfaction. Self-service bag drops mitigate long queues, create more flexibility for staffing to be reallocated and give passengers more control of their journey. Easily implemented on-site or off at hotels, rental car agencies, convention centers or on cruise ships, our self service bag drop solution is designed to keep travelers happy and operations flowing.

Self-Service Bag Drop

Offsite processing

People picking up baggage

Passengers are increasingly looking for convenient ways to prepare for their flights offsite. ARINC OnVoy enables them to check in, check their bags and get flight details from a number of remote locations. Ideal for hotels and resorts, rental car agencies, theme parks, convention centers, train stations and other settings, it eases the pressure on busy airport terminals while letting travellers enjoy the last day of their trip.

Offsite Check In


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