Data expectations in aircraft are constantly changing, from the amount of data transferred to new data applications — all requiring the need for more data bandwidth. We not only see this in our daily lives, but also while traveling and in aircraft operations. Today’s aircraft operators are looking for reliable, safe data interaction, in addition to the flexibility to grow with future SATCOM needs. That’s why Collins Aerospace became a Value Added Manufacturer for the new Iridium satellite network. 

Collins Aerospace can help you meet your SATCOM requirements with high data rate capability and lower weight, drag and power usage than with other SATCOM offerings. The Iridium network will bring increased data speeds. Through our ARINC GLOBALink℠ and ARINCDirect℠ offerings, Collins Aerospace is a service provider for Iridium’s satellite solutions for commercial airlines and business aircraft operators. We can help meet your service needs by taking advantage of higher data speeds at lower data costs.

With over 3,000 legacy Iridium systems fielded already, we’re adding Iridium Certus services to our comprehensive suite of aircraft connectivity applications for commercial, government and business customers. Data rates are currently up to 352 kbps with future planned upgrades to 704 kbps and, when available from Iridium, up to 1.4 Mbps.

Collins IRT-NX SATCOM system for Iridium® 

Collins Aerospace designs and manufactures the entire system – including the SATCOM data unit, SATCOM configuration module and antenna – to provide a cohesive, seamless experience for our customers.

The Collins IRT-NX SATCOM system for Iridium® is backed by our engineering and repair services to meet your needs and keep you flying. Our field service engineers are highly trained technical experts who are involved in every phase of program development, from design to test to integration. Our depth of involvement ensures an unsurpassed level of expert support.

Additional benefits associated with our IRT-NX SATCOM system for Iridium® include lower weight, an antenna footprint with minimum drag, lower power usage and Japan Telecommunication Administration Bureau (JTAB) testing requirements.


  • SATCOM Data Unit (SDU)
    • Size: 2 MCU
    • Voltage: 28 VDC and 115 VAC
  • SATCOM Configuration Module (SCM)
    • Size: A771 compliant
  • Low Gain Antenna (LGA)
    • Size: A771 compliant
    • Footprint: A771 footprint #4
  • High Gain Antenna (HGA)
    • Size: A771 compliant
    • Footprint: A771 footprint #4

System offerings

IRT-4100 (low) IRT-4200 (medium) IRT-4300 (high)
Safety services Yes Yes Yes
Voice channel (channel) 2 2 2
Voice channel (VOIP) 1 1 1
Overall data rate (kbps) 88 176 352
Antenna Active LGA Active LGA Active HGA

These systems can also support Future Air Navigation System (FANS) and Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) requirements.