Increase Safety. Optimize Costs. Improve Passenger Experience.

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Collins Aerospace's InteliSight™ solutions help flight crews, ground crews and airline operations teams increase safety, optimize cost and improve customer service. Depending on a customer's needs, all InteliSight solutions can be customized based on their unique, modular structure, and all solutions are 100% turn-key, making implementation easy. Not only do customers receive the necessary hardware, installation kits and applications to do the job well, they also receive industry-leading 24/7 global support from our worldwide network.

It’s time to make your job easier. Whether you're responsible for the onboard safety of passengers, flight operations or maintenance – InteliSight solutions can help you maximize your effectiveness and efficiency.

Flight Crew Solutions

Aircraft data management device

With InteliSight solutions, pilots will be able to access intelligent analytics wherever they are, allowing them to adjust aircraft operations based on real-time data. By providing immediate access to live data, InteliSight can lead to cost and time savings for airlines by increasing the opportunity for improved fuel consumption, on-time departures and arrivals, and the elimination of paper-based processes.

By decreasing time from takeoff to landing and enhancing communications between flight and ground crews, our advanced apps are contributing to more intelligent customer service and a better passenger experience.

Technical Operations Solutions

Aircraft personnel overlooking plans

The InteliSight platform enables a tablet device to function as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) by interfacing with avionics and displaying key aircraft data for commercial and military aircraft operators. The innovative EFB system consists of two patented Tablet Interface Modules (TIMs), our best-in-class Aircraft Interface Device (AID), and an installation kit. The TIM® connects mobile devices to aircraft systems via the AID. This enables the use of mobile tablet technology on the flight deck, providing data such as GPS position, ground speed and aircraft heading – something that has been previously unavailable to tablet EFB users. All Line Replacement Units (LRUs) are certified by multiple airworthiness authorities.

Airline Solutions

Flight data on tablet

Our Aircraft Interface Device (AID) uses the tremendous amount of data generated by modern aircraft to enhance crew awareness of flight operations, and allows that to be shared with ground-based teams at locations maintained by the operator. Combining the aircraft health information with global positioning information allows operators to maintain a clear view of their entire fleet, in-flight or on the ground, at any given time. The aircraft's health and position reporting integrates with a variety of communications providers, including SATCOM or ACARS. The frequency and volume of data sent to ground teams can be tailored, including customizable triggers, allowing additional time to mitigate any safety or maintenance concerns.

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Connectivity And Network Services

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