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From reducing workloads for commercial pilots and maintenance crews to keeping military service members out of harm’s way, autonomous solutions have  the potential to make aviation safer, more efficient and more sustainable. And at Collins Aerospace, we're developing technology to make it all a reality.

Our value

Collins Aerospace is accelerating innovation within autonomous operations by bringing together our expertise in navigation, communication, sensor technology, flight controls and aviation system design – all combined with our storied history in certifying first-of-their-kind technologies still in use today. We have the breadth of capabilities needed to help customers enable their autonomous pursuits by providing everything from individual components all the way to fully integrated systems enabling:

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readiness, efficiency and safety
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efficiency in operations
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flexibility and quality of operations

Our solutions

Every day, we’re empowering customers to innovate faster by accelerating the development of technology enablers for more autonomous operations. With each advancement, we’re helping to bring big ideas to life, enabling smarter, faster decision-making and enhanced flight safety, and moving our industry a step closer to achieving the full potential of autonomous operations.

Computing and processing

We’re supporting future needs across a broad range of applications in next generation flight controls and vehicle management by improving computing power.

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Perception sensing

We're advancing autonomous operations through next-generation aircraft-based sensors that serve as a second set of eyes and ears in the cockpit, providing pilots with more information about the environment and simplifying decision-making.

Pilot support systems

We’re developing cockpit-integrated sensing and analytics technologies to increase safety and pilot well-being while improving workload and enhancing performance.

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End-to-end communication

We’re leveraging our expertise in space, in the air and on the ground to develop a robust, resilient end-to-end communication system to support seamless vehicle communications.

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Resilient navigation

We’re adapting our navigation expertise to protect against an infinite combination of threats and independently ensuring an aircraft’s location beyond traditional data inputs – critical to enabling other aspects of autonomy.

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Advanced sensing

We’re creating pathways to help pilots make sense of important data from different types of sensors – including traditional pneumatic and mechanical sensors, alongside applying newer optical technologies.

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