Delivering enriched data

FlightAware’s proprietary HyperFeed® engine, along with its Firehose API feed, merges surface and airborne data into a single stream of enriched data. This data is then seamlessly delivered within OpsCore Flight Tracking and displayed within a modern graphical interface that aligns with user workflows and easily integrates with other operational tools.

Features & benefits

  • Alerts for flight status, weather and airspace hazards on easy-to-read displays
  • A focus on a connected ecosystem through agnostic integration of applications and systems, such as Collins Hermes™
  • More efficient deployment of airport and airline resources and personnel
  • Real-time global flight tracking coverage through FlightAware
  • Precise aircraft position reporting, 4D/15 GADSS compliance, dependent on the source of the data
  • Assist in optimal routing that can facilitate lowering costs and environmental impact

Better data means better decisions

With OpsCore Flight Tracking, enhanced alerting systems monitor real-time conditions and give flight dispatchers and OCC managers the transparency and confidence they need to do their jobs effectively.

User interface for OpsCore alerting configuration

The power to analyze

OpsCore Flight Tracking pairs advanced data aggregation and predictive technology from FlightAware with Collins’ connected messaging and fleet management capabilities, enabling airlines to analyze flight information to provide a new level of enhanced flight data to users.

Flight tracking user interface

The power to optimize

By delivering enhanced data that can track every flight and inform decisions, OpsCore Flight Tracking is the right choice when you’re ready to modernize – and optimize – your airline operations.

Flight tracking user interface

With OpsCore Flight Tracking, you get a modern, cloud-hosted application with flight tracking data from the hyper-accurate FlightAware solution that is not only compliant with the latest ICAO and GADSS flight-tracking regulations*, it's ready to increase efficiency and improve operations for your airline.

* Dependent on the data source

Find out how we can help put intelligent data to work for you.

Maximum flexibility

  • Support for agnostic integration with applications and data feeds
  • Configurable to airline requirements, with multiple views and options available
  • Built using a modern, cloud-based tech stack, and supports legacy IT systems
  • Designed to support commercial airlines, business aviation and military markets

Easy to use

  • Web-based access with familiar, intuitive user interface
  • Users set controls and preferences
  • Rapid deployment minimizes network disruptions

Flight data

  • Precise aircraft position reporting, 4D/15 GADSS compliance, dependent on the source of the data
    • Data sources include radar, terrestrial ADS-B, MLAT, datalink messages, and Aireon space-based ADS-B
  • “Multi-stream” displays utilizing the FlightAware Firehose API
  • Flight filtering capabilities
  • Alerting services
  • Flight positional data
  • Flight plan deviations
  • Airport weather

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