The Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) Avionics Management System integrates multiple communications, navigation and mission subsystems through its flexible Flight2™ open systems architecture design.

CAAS uses combat-proven, off-the-shelf components to give you the high performance you need with low risk. Established support and training solutions ensure that ongoing sustainment costs stay in line with today's budgets.

In combination, these advantages make CAAS the most cost-effective solution to meet your cockpit modernization needs.

Features & benefits

  • Flexible cockpit displays, optimized for cargo, assault and multi-mission roles
  • Fully integrated flight and mission avionics systems management with embedded cognitive decision aiding, reducing pilot workload for demanding tactical missions
  • Advanced flight and hover symbology, intuitive display of critical flight information during reduced-visibility situations
  • Integrated digital map and tactical situational awareness displays, for improved battlefield survivability and mission effectiveness