The Collins Aerospace ALT-1000 and ALT-4000 provide the highly reliable and accurate height information you need for each landing approach. With exclusive digital processing techniques, full end-to-end monitoring and critical-level software verification, the ALT-4000 supports CategoryIIIa automatic landing systems when installed in a dual or triple configuration and Category II aircraft certifications using a single radio altimeter. Easily upgrade to an ALT-1000 or -4000 from a Collins ALT-55B or ALT-50A radio by installing the available direct plug-and-replace versions.

  • Accuracy: Delivers crucial height data when it matters most – at low altitudes during landing approach. Accurate to within two feet.
  • Radar height: Measures above terrain up to 2,500 feet.
  • Full temperature/altitude capability: Maintains high performance within a wide range of conditions.
  • Stringent lightning and HIRF hardening: Proven ruggedness for excellent reliability.
  • Lightweight: Each unit weighs 4.7 pounds and includes flexibility for reducing antenna cable weight.
  • Direct plug-and-replace versions: Upgrading to the ALT-1000 or -4000 is easy for customers flying with Collins Aerospace ALT-55B or ALT-50A radio altimeters.
  • Four ARINC 429 digital buses: Eliminates the need for external converters (ALT-4000).