With more travelers every year and evolving security threats and requirements, airport operators must constantly work to keep lines shorter and passengers moving smoothly – making passenger processing more crucial than ever.

Collins Aerospace has over 80 years of experience in understanding and meeting the needs of the aviation and airport industries. We design, install and maintain passenger processing solutions configured to be efficient, economical space-savers – fully integrated and easily adaptable to the always-evolving needs of airport operations.

Common Use Check-in

Person at airport

Highly efficient and reliable, our venerable ARINC Multi-User System Environment (MUSE™) passenger processing system supports more than 300 airlines at over 100 airports worldwide. ARINC MUSE provides the capabilities and applications for airlines and airports to share resources, reduce operating costs and keep their focus on the passenger rather than technology.

Common Use Check In

Self-service kiosks

Airport self service kiosks

More than 80 percent of check-ins are now performed using self-service technology. And with smartphones driving how we interact with this technology, airports and airlines are looking to support passenger expectations of a seamless self-service journey through terminal touchpoints from the door to the gate. Our ARINC SelfServ kiosk platform is aligned with IATA’s Fast Travel programme to meet today’s evolving needs and keep passengers moving from the moment they enter the airport.

Self Service Kiosks

Self-service Bag Drop

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With the consistent growth of air traffic, airports and airlines are continuously challenged to increase the capacity of terminals while maintaining high passenger satisfaction. Self-service bag drops mitigate long queues, create more flexibility for staffing to be reallocated and give passengers more control of their journey. Easily implemented on-site or off at hotels, rental car agencies, convention centers or on cruise ships, our self service bag drop solution is designed to keep travelers happy and operations flowing.

Self Service Bag Drop

Offsite Check-in and Processing

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With the demand for offsite check-in growing every year, we’ve made it our mission to give your passengers as many traveling conveniences as possible. ARINC OnVoy is a remote check-in application that allows passengers to spend significantly less time at the airport. Already in use on all six major cruise lines and more than 70 ships, it’s also ideal for hotels, resorts, conventions centers and other group settings.

Offsite Check In

Solutions for Border Management

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We offer a complete set of products and services to meet any country’s unique border management requirements. Whether it’s Advanced Passenger Information (API), Passenger Name Records (PNR), API/PNR, or automated data fully integrated into your systems, we will customize a solution that meets your government’s needs.


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