Falcon 2000 owners face many challenges ahead, from  CRT obsolescence, to  the need to comply with looming airspace mandates, all while completing the mission on time.   Using initiative technology, a Collins Aerospace Pro Line 4 to 21 upgrade solves all challenges and more.

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Large-format LCD displays: delivering information, awareness and safety, ready for Synthetic Vision, electronic charts, and more.

Mandate Compliant

ADS-B Out (Option)

ADS-B Graphic

Automatic Dependent Surveillance, version DO-260B, makes your Falcon 2000 fully compliant with both US and European mandates for 2020.

Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A) (Option)

PL4-21 Falcon FANS display

The baseline Pro Line 4 to 21 upgrade is the prerequisite for FANS 1/A, which includes Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract (ADS-C) and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) functionalities.

  • NAT compliant for cross-oceanic routing
  • Meets equipage requirements for domestic DCL/Data Comm
  • Saves flight costs
  • Works with your current FMS control display units
  • Increases aircraft’s market value

Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) - Your Class 3 Electronic Flight Bag

With IFIS, pilots have a powerful new tool to help them make more strategic decisions about their flight plans. Geo-referenced approach, airport and airspace charts, allowing flight crews to monitor actual aircraft position.

FMS Chartlink™

PL4-21 Falcon digital map display

Chartlink™, an application that automatically updates and reconfigures IFIS chart information when the FMS flight plan is loaded or modified.

Synthetic Vision System (Option)

Falcon 2000 SVS elevation display

Increasing situational awareness by providing the pilot with graphical presentation of the outside world.

  • Active departure and arrival runway can be depicted on the display
  • Seamless integration with the Collins Aerospace FMS
  • Optional Flight Path Vector Symbology

Graphical Weather

map display of US

XMWX Satellite Weather is a continuous broadcast weather service offered in the Continental United States (CONUS):

  • NEXRAD (1 NM Resolution)
  • Echo tops and movement
  • Graphical and textual METARs
  • Graphical and textual SIGMETS
  • Textual AIRMETS and TAFs
  • IFIS 6 includes:
    • TFR's
    • Significant Meteorological Observations (SIGMETS)
    • Lightning
    • Animated NEXRAD
    • Satellite Images
    • Winds Aloft

NTSC video capability (Baseline)

The display of video, in an NTSC format is presented on the lower half of the MFD. Video sources may be EVS, surveillance, or information cameras. Multiple video sources may be selected via an external switch. Display of the NTSC video on the MFD are compatible with:

  • Max-Vis®-1000/1500
  • L3 IRIS™
  • Kollsman GAVIS™
  • CMC Electronics CMA-2600, CMA-2610

Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV)

IFIS with LVP data screen
  • Gain unprecedented access to more airports, and more runways
  • Cat 1 like approach minimums as low as 200’ and half mile visibility.
  • Over 4000 LPV approaches in the US, growing by several hundred per year.