FlightHub™ Flight Profile Optimization (FPO)

Nothing’s better than arriving at your final destination faster and safer than ever before. With FPO, pilots can not only predict the best route possible – but the safest, most cost-effective and fuel-efficient ones as well.

Ascentia® Analytics Services

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With Ascentia® analytics services, your airline operations can take advantage of our unique OEM systems expertise and data intelligence, giving you the ability to make informed, strategic maintenance decisions. Our advanced data management and analytics services for your fleet – including prognostics and health management (PHM) – helps make the world’s best airlines even better. And now, with the power to predict, you’ll reduce delays, cancellations and total cost of ownership – ultimately, helping you consistently deliver the best passenger experience.


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We offer the most accurate estimated in (EIN) or landing (ELDT) times in the industry, allowing airlines to make accurate predictions about what is going to happen downstream. FlightAware’s machine learning algorithm blends years of historical data with real-time status on aircraft positions, traffic, and weather affecting the flight to predict – hours in advance – when an aircraft will arrive at the gate. This ability enables tight turnarounds, better on-time departures, and fewer delays.

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