Features & benefits

Unmatched operational realism in a secure environment

Allows live participants to "train like you fight" in highly contested highly congested air combat situations

  • The only air-combat training system with security certification that supports security requirements of today’s 5th-gen and 4th-gen legacy and coalition fighters, allowing them to train together in real-world environments with real-world threats and run at system high
  • TCTS II incorporates advanced systems and algorithms to operate effectively in a GPS degraded or denied environment

Enhanced scalable training capability

Scalable system supports participants from a small squadron to large-force exercise that advances air combat proficiency training while adapting to future training needs

  • TCTS II supports Synthetic Inject to Live (SITL) from day one to more realistically emulate contested/congested environments in tethered and untethered modes
  • Variety of form factors to connect your entire fleet from high-flying fighter aircraft to helicopters, maritime and even ground-based assets
  • Scalable training exercises – connect TCTS II equipped ranges across the country to create one super range or a common training battlespace to prepare warfighters for the future of Joint All Domain C2 (JADC2)

TCTS Inc II Transforming Air Combat Training

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