Our connectivity and secure processing solutions provide tactical edge cloud-based computing, allowing for seamless data sharing and autonomous and intelligent operations that reduce decision-making timelines to machine speeds. All to enable the vision of Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) and ensure our warfighters are more connected and effective.

Depiction of Collins edge enablers: Connect, Secure, Autonomous, and Rapid delivery


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Resilient networks across all warfighting domains

Connecting every sensor to every shooter requires a global mesh network as the backbone of joint force operations. Collins accelerates the realization of the backbone with connectivity solutions that meet the needs of existing and emerging platforms in land, air, sea and space.

Secure processing

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Tactical edge cloud across all security domains

Cloud computing provides nearly limitless processing to make sense of vast amounts of sensor data. Our solutions unlock the ability to seamlessly share data across security domains by providing cloud computing all the way to the tactical edge.

Autonomous & intelligent operations

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Accelerating decision making across all domains

The speed of decision making is key to winning the future fight. Collins Aerospace accelerates decisions through intelligent sensor data processing and mission autonomy that enables operations at machine speeds.

Rapid capability delivery

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Demonstrating and delivering JADC2 capabilities – now

All domain operations, like JADC2, require modern capabilities and operating concepts. Demonstrations and experimentations help show the operational benefit and speed adoption of these concepts. Collins continues to rapidly demonstrate innovative solutions that integrate legacy and new assets, open systems architecture and militarized commercial technologies that keep warfighters connected and informed.

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Connecting the Edge Across All Domains

As the battlespace becomes increasingly more contested and complex, maintaining an advantage over the adversary requires integrating operations across the joint force in all warfighting domains. From strategic decision-makers all the way to the tactical edge, Collins Aerospace keeps warfighters ahead of the threat by connecting the edge across all domains.

Edge '22 JADC2 Demonstration - U.S. Army

Using an advanced tactical data link, mesh network and intelligent gateways, Collins Aerospace demonstrated a Unified Network that achieved the range and scale required to support U.S. Army modernization and JADC2 initiatives for joint and coalition forces. The demonstration was conducted as part of the Experimental Demonstration Gateway Exercise 2022 (EDGE 22) excursion at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah.

Live, Networked Joint Fires JADC2 Demonstration - U.S. Army

Joint All-domain operations require modern capabilities and operating concepts. To support the JADC2 vision, Collins continues to rapidly demonstrate innovative, affordable, and available open solutions that connect users from strategic decision-makers to the tactical edge across all domains. Learn more about the live, networked joint fires JADC2 demonstration Collins held for the U.S. Army and how it’s laying the groundwork for the next-generation battlespace.

Connecting the Multi-Domain Battlespace KC-135 as a CJADC2 Node

Connect. Collaborate. Rapidly innovate. Collins Aerospace successfully demonstrated advanced communication, mission computing and sensor technologies to support CJADC2 (Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control) and ABMS (Advanced Battle Management) initiatives for the KC-135. Discover how Collins Aerospace is providing joint connectivity, actionable data, and enhanced situational awareness to our warfighters at the speed of relevance.

Mission System for Air Launched Effects (ALE)

Collins’ small, lightweight and open architected Mission System enables ALEs to rapidly and securely connect to the modern battlespace. Through advanced fusing of time critical targeting data derived from air vehicles, payloads and networked sensors; our solution maximizes manned-unmanned teaming and advanced autonomy to deliver a cohesive and accurate message that dramatically increases the survivability and mission effectiveness of high value air assets and their crews in any Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) environment.

Connecting the Multi-Domain Battlespace JADC2

Connect. Collaborate. Rapidly innovate. At Collins Aerospace, our proven ability to do all three is what enables us to deliver technologies for the modern battlespace… at the speed of relevance. Learn more about how we are supporting JADC2 and connecting the battlespace to ensure overmatch for tomorrow’s warfighters.

Valiant Shield 22 demo

Collins Aerospace demonstrates its JADC2 capabilities with the Army customer in 2022.