Collins Aerospace in Singapore provides maintenance, repair, overhaul engineering and sales in support of our commercial and military customers in the Asia Pacific region. It also is a full repair and workshop facility, servicing more than 1,000 products within our air transport, business regional, in-flight entertainment and Government Systems areas.

Singapore is the location of our Asia Pacific regional headquarters and provides a local presence to our Singapore customers such as the Republic of Singapore Air Force, which uses our integrated avionics communication, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management solution.

Given Singapore's central location in the Asia Pacific region, the Collins Service Centre in Singapore is an ideal location for maintenance, repair and overhaul for our nearby customers. From the Flagship airlines of Malaysia and Thailand to All Nippon Airways in Japan, customers recognize the Singapore facility as our company's Air Transport Centre of Excellence in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Singapore Service Centre is preparing to lead the service and repair work in the region for the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350. With growth in the air transport market segment and potential for expansion in the Government Systems marketplace, our Singapore facilities are well positioned to meet our customers' needs.  

18 Loyang Lane
Singapore 508918