Cybersecurity for Railroads

Man looking at computer monitor

Railroad operations have their own unique challenges that can make implementing a cybersecurity solution complex and overwhelming. Our team of cyber analysts will work with you every step of the way and deliver a solution focused on proactive threat protection and continuity of operations. We will assess, harden and help secure your existing systems, implement our fully managed Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) and put in place a tailored life cycle management solution that meets your needs.

Assessment services

Our highly qualified staff will assess your current system for any current or potential risks according to the standards most relevant to your organization. We frequently use NIST, APTA, ISO, COBIT and CIS guidelines and recommendations to ensure your cybersecurity strategy is aligned with your organizational and business objectives. Our team starts by conducting baseline assessments of all your systems to understand and address weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We also address rail industry and geographic specific regulatory requirements by including compliance gap analysis. The full range of services includes external penetration testing, physical security assessment, application security assessment and configuration security assessment.

Cyber hardening

Every railroad has different security needs. Once the assessment is completed and your current security posture is established, we will work with you to create a cybersecurity plan designed specifically for your organization. This involves hardening your current networks, implementing policies and procedures to support your systems and personnel, providing training and system maintenance. As cybersecurity is not a one-time fix and requires constant vigilance, we make sure you have a solution in place that is adaptable to the ever evolving environment of threats and vulnerability.

Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC)

Monitoring your systems is every bit as critical as the hardening itself. We do this 24/7/365 from our CSOC, which is staffed by cybersecurity experts who possess extensive certification and training. Our fully managed CSOC service is focused on identifying risks to operations and minimizing the impact of any events. By taking on the time consuming tasks of log analysis and alert monitoring, the CSOC lets you focus on your operations while we monitor your systems.

Life cycle management

Putting in place a life cycle maintenance plan is as critical as the monitoring itself. Cyberthreats are constantly evolving, so naturally cybersecurity has to as well. The only way to do that is by remaining vigilant about updating to combat new threats. We’ll help you prioritize all this through vulnerability management while not losing sight of cost-effectiveness.