Polaris™ERGR explosion resistant GPS receiver


The Polaris™ERGR (explosive resistant GPS receiver) utilizes the Collins Aerospace 12-channel all-in-view Standard Positioning Service (SPS) C/A code module. PolarisERGR is strategically designed for the volatile, rugged combat environment experienced by vehicles and ships, with the ruggedness to stay in place in the event of mine or IED explosions. ERGR was developed in cooperation with the German Armed Forces and has become the standard military GPS sensor for vehicles in Germany as well as in many other international Forces. PolarisERGR provides ERGR compatible interfaces.
  • Mine explosion secure
  • IED explosion secure
  • Supports PLG and DAGR standard interfaces
  • 12-channel continuous satellite tracking for all-in-view operation
  • Aggressive strategies to improve acquisition/reacquisition performance
  • L1 frequency GPS signal reception
  • Cold start without time, position or almanac in less than 100 seconds from complete off
  • Extended performance in a diverse jamming environment
  • Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)
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