Military divers face dangerous and complex underwater navigation objectives that require precise positioning and secure anti-jamming capabilities for mission success. Collins Aerospace, collaborating with Blueprint Subsea, has developed the world’s first military underwater navigation system with M-Code under contract with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Collins’ ArtemisPro-M (M-Code GPS) is a handheld diver navigation system specifically designed to meet the needs of the military diver community and perform in demanding combat environments.

Increased Mission Effectiveness


Collins ArtemisPro-M was designed by divers for divers and is easy to use, neutrally buoyant and self-contained. It brings divers closer to PNT Assurance through the combination of a modernized GPS receiver and proven diver-based dead reckoning systems. Capable of receiving existing operational GPS signals, as well as the newer M-Code signals, our ArtemisPro-M with dual modernized GPS engine receivers deliver geolocation and positioning capabilities while providing increased security and anti-jamming capabilities. The modernized GPS receiver in ArtemisPro-M includes the Selective Availability Anti-spoofing Module (SAASM) with Y-Code and C/A-Code functionality and increases mission effectiveness and safety through operation with the M-Code signal.