Collins Aerospace provides life-cycle management (LCM) services to keep our critical infrastructure customers’ systems compliant with regulatory requirements while achieving a high level of responsiveness, peak operational efficiency and high system availability at all times.

Advanced Information Management (AIM®) service

Life-cycle management for our AIM monitoring and control system encompasses corrective maintenance and obsolescence management. Corrective maintenance covers hardware and software issues for subsystems, including security access control, alarm monitoring multiplexer panels, network switches and routers, security computer equipment and video head-end equipment. Obsolescence management puts plans in place to identify and mitigate risk when parts, spares, equipment, skills and software become obsolete.

Preventative maintenance

Our preventative maintenance is designed to keep systems optimized, repair normal wear and tear and identify system irregularities before corrective action is required. We use documented and approved procedures on site to provide detailed reports of completed maintenance, issues noted and corrective actions required. Those reports include system wear and tear, patch-related issues and defective product failures.

We perform an overall system-level assessment of performance, backup and restore checks, tuning, failover/redundancy checks and BIOS configuration checks. We also check the physical condition of system components, including monitor burn-in, keyboard and joystick functionality, cabinet mounting and connector assemblies, as well as component-specific tasks.

Extended warranty

We offer extended warranty services for our physical and cybersecurity solutions. Technical support includes guaranteed Tier 2 through Tier 4 response time. Problem reporting is facilitated through an online portal that tracks work orders, resource allocation and response. In addition, we provide 24/7/365 emergency support through a dedicated phone number. Using hardware corrective maintenance and software support, we’re able to troubleshoot problems and identify solutions while minimizing downtime.

Shared services

Collins Aerospace offers full or part time security and IT support. Our engineers focus on preventative maintenance to tackle issues before they become serious. They work side-by-side with existing management or with designated contractors, our engineers reach back to Tier 3 and 4 support teams.

Spare parts management services

We provide on-site spare part management to facilitate high levels of system availability. Spare part inventory is managed by the customer and maintained by our shared services team. We perform periodic inspections of the entire inventory to verify compatibility with current system configurations and suitability for immediate deployment.

We have agreements with third party vendors in place to keep your inventory up to date and minimize expenses. If a vendor declares any component in the spare parts inventory as end-of-life, we will exchange it for the current replacement part, at no charge to you.

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