The Coalescence™ mixed reality system merges the trainee's real-world view with a synthetic environment for a whole new way to effectively train in a seamless, enhanced mixed reality. Coalescence enables a trainee to interact with real objects and people while still immersed in the synthetic environment.

Because you are working with actual equipment and tools, this mixed-reality training provides the trainee with haptic feedback that is crucial to a positive training experience and effective learning transfer. Coalesence enables training on a wide variety of tasks across air, land and sea domains.

Features & benefits

  • The first training system enabling trainees to interact with items in their actual environment while still immersed in a virtual-reality environment 
  • High immersion and engagement for better learning transfer 
  • Provides training-critical haptic feedback through interaction with real equipment 
  • Enables real-time tracking and evaluation of trainees. Instructors can quickly insert themselves into a training scenario to provide feedback.
  • Flexible, adaptable and portable 
  • Train as “near-to-real” as possible with a small-footprint system at a lower price than traditional options 
  • Uses Collins Aerospace EP-80 PC Image Generator software on a commercial gaming PC, but could accommodate other synthetic and gaming environments
  • Can interoperate with CORE™ simulation architecture for cost-effective reuse of developed simulation elements. This adds to Collins’ LVC-enabling capabilities. 
  • Uses commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) elements for high technology advancement and lower costs 
  • 3D audio spatialization using head-related transfer functions to provide accurate spatial situational awareness

Coalescence™ Mixed Reality System